Shutdown averted…for now…

Congress passed another extension last night to avoid a shutdown. So Congress now has until Friday to finalize a budget. As good as this is for federal employees, our troops and those who rely on government services (whether they should be or not is a topic for a later blog), I was actually in favor of a shutdown. It would have shown the Tea Party that they do not run the country. It would have shown Rep. Boehner that maybe trying to placate the Tea Party isn’t such a good idea. It would have shown that Congressional Democrats and President Obama are actually not surrendering to Republicans. I am glad, though, that Republicans gave up, at least for now, on their attack on women’s health. While I’m not happy that part of the compromise meant Senate Democrats agreeing to vote on the health care repeal, I don’t think it will actually pass the Senate. Even if it does, I highly doubt the president will sign a bill repealing his biggest achievement. Frankly, I don’t think the achievement of the health care bill is the content of it. I more think it’s the fact that it passed. But I digress. My question is, how do we know they will reach a deal on the budget in another week? After all, they’ve been squabbling over this for months. What I am celebrating is that the Democrats got the Republicans to back down. What I am celebrating is that both sides are working together. What I am celebrating is that it looks like they might finally be realizing “okay maybe we actually have to give a little here in order to get a little there”. What I am not celebrating is that it took so long to get here. What I am not celebrating is the shutdown being officially averted. When we have an actual budget, then I will celebrate.

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