Spending Cuts a Bad Thing? (Part I)


Why is it such a bad thing that President Obama is agreeing with Republicans that spending needs to be cut? I think we all agree that we can’t keep spending at the level at which we’re currently spending. While I disagree with simply cutting out Medicare, which is basically what Sen. Ryan wants to do, I agree that drastic cuts in spending are necessary to at least keep the deficit at bay.  I also disagree with raising the debt ceiling. We’ve already dug ourselves into a hole that will likely take us decades to get out of.  Do I think the ceiling will be raised? Yes. Do I have any other solution? No. What we need to do is cut defense spending…by a LOT. Cutting some funding for every program is painful but necessary. While I have railed against cutting all funding for Planned Parenthood, partially because it is based on ideology, not on saving money, I would not be opposed to given them less.  Going back to defense, we don’t need new weapons. We need to refine and even scale back what we already have.  We need to start bringing our troops home and stop getting involved in other battles.

I have class so more on this later…

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