Spending Cuts (Part II)

And I forgot that I said I would come back to it.

Here’s the thing I really don’t get. Democrats are angry with President Obama for agreeing to spending cuts. Republicans are angry with him for not cutting enough. Sorry, Democrats, but you’re missing something. Like a family on a budget, sometimes you have to spend a little less on things that you want to spend money on in addition to not letting the kids keep all of their allowance. Sorry, Republicans, not everything can be cut all at once. You also can’t ask Mom and Dad to stop spending money on certain things yet keep all of your own money. (Considering the financial situation my own parents are in, if I could send them money, I would.) Personally, if I found next year that my tuition deduction didn’t give me as much of a refund as last year, I would not complain. The fact of the matter is, none of us pay what we’re legally supposed to in taxes. Could some of us use the help? Yes. Do we take that help for granted? Absolutely. The problem with saying taxes would be raised is that they wouldn’t be. What is being called “raising taxes” is actually reducing or ending deductions or putting tax rates back where they were before they were cut. I don’t think anyone is suggesting raising the rates higher than they were before. While I don’t necessarily advocates raising everything back to what it was a decade ago, I also know that the government can’t afford what it is giving us. The whole concept of “let’s spend billions on programs…but let’s give people a break on their taxes” just doesn’t work. As radical as it sounds, I have a feeling that in order to reduce the deficit, it won’t be just the rich that will have to give up their tax breaks.

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